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PLUS Smart Humidor Package

Designed for up to 1000 capacity cigar end table type humidors (up to 10 cubic feet).
Sales price $228.00

No more dry or soggy cigars! The Next Generation Cigar Oasis PLUS automatically controls and maintains the humidity in your humidor. Set your Cigar Oasis at 70%, and as soon as the humidity drops below that point, the Oasis will turn on to raise the humidity in the humidor. The PLUS is ideal for mid-size cabinets between 4 and 10 cubic feet.

Paired with the Cigar Oasis Wi-Fi Attachment you can:

  • Monitor humidor from anywhere via web login or iOS/Android app
  • Monitor humidity & temperature
  • User-friendly graph of humidity trend & history
  • Adjust humidity set point remotely
  • Receive email/text alerts for low water