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Cigar Oasis EXCEL 2.0

Designed for 100-300 cigars capacity humidors (approximately 4 cubic feet).
Sales price $119.00

Cigar Oasis Excel 2.0

Designed for 100-300 cigar capacity humidors (approximately 4 cubic feet)

Dimensions: Length: 6” Width: 2” Height: 3.5”

The Cigar Oasis Next Generation EXCEL 2.0 is a small electronic humidifier that is fully automatic. Simply connect it using a very thin cable that fits between the hinges at the bottom of the humidor, or connect the optional battery and you are ready to go. The integral hygrometer shows the humidity and is also used to set the control point that is preprogrammed at 70% RH but can be adjusted to your own personal taste.

The unit comes with a refillable and replaceable water cartridge that uses only distilled water. The Cigar Oasis EXCEL has a built-in system that accurately monitors the humidity and uses a silent fan to filter and circulate the air eliminating the stench of moisture that is so common in sealed humidors. The Cigar Oasis EXCEL is designed to keep your cigars fresh.

The Cigar Oasis Next Generation EXCEL is the original Cigar Oasis model and remains the only sealed humidifier on the market.


  • Feeds via a very thin cable
  • Sealed design for an extra durable cartridge
  • Provides constant humidity control without long-term monitoring
  • A fan circulates the air to reach each cigar equally-no need to rotate the cigars
  • Set the humidity to the preferred level
  • An indicator and an alarm for low water / low battery
  • Connections with micro-USB
  • Capable of Wi-Fi-monitor humidity settings (optional accessory)
  • Receive alerts via email/text for low water (optional)
  • Adjustment of the calibration
  • Fixing the rechargeable battery (sold separately)